Timberland get sporty with the release of the new FlyRoam Trainer
Luxury footwear brand Timberland has teamed up with West London MC AJ Tracey for the launch of their new FlyRoam trainer. The new campaign follows Tracey as he sends us floating through London streets and trippy wind tunnels to emphasise the lightweight and flexible DNA of the trainer. At the heart of the trainers construct is the aerocore energy system (lightweight capabilities) which allow the wearer the freedom to move and react with essential speed. We took some time to speak to MC AJ Tracey and to find out everything about his project and more. Who do you look up into in terms of grime mc’s and role models?  In terms of grime MCs, I would say I look up to Skepta and P Money. They're who I grew up listening to and they helped me craft my sound. Outside of grime? Just my Mum. That's my main role model. 2016 was commonly described as grime's comeback year, but many have tipped you to have a career-making 2017. What've you got lined up for your fans? Bigger live shows for sure, loads of festivals, unexpected collabs, and more music! What do you like most about the Timberland Flyroam? They're mad comfy. I've always been a fan of comfy kicks and these ones here are good for man to do road in lol! Roll Safe is one of the most popular memes of the year so far. How does grime's sense of humor differ from hip-hop's? Who do you rate more: RS or the Pengest Munch? I think they're both sick. I wouldn't say one's rap and one's grime, neither would I say the humours different, maybe they just play on things specific to one culture or the other. But yeah both proper funny and good ideas. 'Buster Cannon' and 'Luke Cage' both reference TV shows. What’re some of your guilty pleasures when it comes to film and TV? I like Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z & Jersey Shore. Oh and How I met your mother! The release of the FlyRoam indicates another innovative step forward for Timberland as they delve deeper into incorporating sportswear into their aesthetic. This sporty yet subtle edge becomes apparent throughout the six sneakers, which are all complimented by a muted colour palette of black and beige in either a leather or canvas offering. Now Available at: Timberland.co.uk  More stories: Men of ‘Moonlight’ star in new Calvin Klein underwear campaign Paul O’Grady recalls the horror of the AIDS crisis in brand new Attitude Heroes podcast