Man rips pride flag to the ground before stomping on it outside US Congressman's office
An unidentified man entered Congressman Alan Lowenthal's office on Wednesday (March 15) and attacked the LGBT pride flag. According to the Los Angeles Times, the man was walking by Lowenthal's office when he saw the flag and lost control. He allegedly barged into the office at the US Capitol Building in Washington DC and made a remark about the flag to Lowenthal's staff. The man told them that it was "immoral" and "disgusting" to fly the flag. Shortly after, he removed the flag from its holder, threw it to the ground and began stomping on it. Lowenthal wasn't present at the time, but says his chief of staff and other staff members followed the man down the hallway and urged him to speak with Capitol police. Capitol police spoke with him, but let him go as he "didn't break any rules or laws." Lowenthal has flown the pride flag outside his office since 2013 and was told it was the first of its kind to be displayed at the Capitol. He revealed that most passersby often comment that they're happy with the flag, but this was the first negative reaction to it. "I'm just shocked that it happened," Lowenthal said. "It just reinforces my belief that more work needs to be done. We're proud to fly the pride flag, and we're going to continue to show how proud we are." The pride flag is already back on display. More stories: Disney’s most memorable coded gay characters Grindr releases its own range of emojis