Over 40,000 people call for theatre show featuring gay versions of bible stories to be axed
A theatre in the US is facing a backlash over its portrayal of bible stories on stage. The Out Front Theatre Company in Atlanta, which stages shows created by the LGBT+ community, is running The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told later this month. The show, which will tell gay versions of classic bible stories such as the Garden of Eden, has angered the religious right. In response, conservative Catholic group called America Needs Fatima has created a petition that has so far garnered more than 40,000 signatures in a bid to stop the show from running. However, the creator of the show has insisted that he won't back down anytime soon, saying: “I’m going to let the show speak for itself. “I don’t see the benefit in responding because I don’t think they’re going to change their minds no matter what I say or anyone else says. These people have their minds made up even before it starts.” The show will be an alternate version of a play written by Paul Rudnick, which originally premiered Off Broadway in 1998. There are currently no plans to cancel the show. More stories: Lib Dem leader refuses to clarify stance on homosexuality Luke Evans says being gay ‘shouldn’t have any impact’ on his success in Hollywood