New study finds LGBT people in relationships are happier and healthier than those who are single
A new study has found that LGBT+ who are in relationships are happier, healthier and richer than their single counterparts. The research, published in The Gerontologist, found that people in committed relationships were more likely to have a better overall quality of living, whether they were married or not. Researchers wanted to find out the impact the legalisation on same-sex marriage has had on the LGBT+ community, and whether it provided the same benefits it's been proven to give to straight couples. It was discovered that those living without a partner were more likely to have a disability than their married counterparts, while physical and mental health also suffered. The data stated:
"Those legally married reported better quality of life and more economic and social resources than unmarried partnered; physical health indicators were similar between legally married and unmarried partnered. Those single reported poorer health and fewer resources than legally married and unmarried partnered. Among women, being legally married was associated with more LGBT microaggressions."
The survey looked at almost 2,000 people who were all over 50 and identified as LGBT+. Of the group, a quarter were married, while another quarter were in committed relationships, and the rest were single. Do you agree? Let us know on social media. More stories: Guardians of the Galaxy to feature an LGBT+ character? Gay men in Chechnya give harrowing accounts of abuse – WATCH