Table for Two | 'We had a little kiss'
Daniel (left) Age: 24 Occupation: Account Manager Conor (right) Age: 27 Occupation: Writer What were your first impressions? Daniel: Immediately I knew he wasn't my usual 'type' but I hate it when people say that, and we started chatting straight away. We were laughing and seemed to get on from the start so I knew it wasn't going to be an awful evening! Conor:  Relief. While not my usual type, Dan is an undeniably handsome man and I’m only human. Nice smile and good teeth. Good teeth are always important. How was the conversation and what did you talk about? Daniel: I can't remember most of what we spoke about but he was so easy to talk to and there was hardly any silence the whole night. We both shared a love for crappy reality TV and the Sugababes so there was plenty to discuss. Conor:  Conversation was relaxed and flowed well. He maintained eye contact, made me smile and I was never made to feel uncomfortable. Subjects ranged from ourselves, our music tastes (he’s a Britney Gay but I can work around it) and [New Zealand reality show] The GC. What was the most interesting thing about him? Daniel: He recently got made redundant, which he was surprisingly calm about. He's a writer and really creative so was interesting to hear him talk about that. Conor:  Despite not sharing many of his interests, he was invested, passionate and cared about his own which is an important and extremely attractive quality for someone to have. What do you think they thought of you? Daniel: I hope he thought I was nice! We got on really well so hopefully he also had a good time. Conor:  Opinionated and obnoxious yet charismatic. Beautiful eyes and smile. And funny. I am funny. How was the food? Daniel: Really good. We were both a bit clueless when it came to ordering good wine but managed to muddle through. Conor:  Delish! I had a fillet steak with black truffle because I'm an opulent cow. Any awkward moments? Daniel: Only when he said he was really into horoscopes. But I think I handled it with the correct amount of sarcasm. Conor:  When we first met I went in for a hug and patted his back like a heterosexual. So that. Having our photos taken was also painful after having only just met and I’m dreading seeing them in print. How did the night end? Daniel: We had a little kiss, exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. Conor: He asked for my number and we shared a kiss goodnight.

Daniel and Conor dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London.

Snog, marry, avoid? Daniel: Snog Conor:  If I believed in marriage, I'd consider. Will you meet again? Daniel: Hopefully. With me living in Brighton and him in London, things may be difficult but I'd definitely be up for hanging out again Conor:  I hope so. I want to. Date Rating Daniel: 9/10 Conor:  10/10 If you’re in London and would like to go on a blind date for Attitude’s Table For Two, email [email protected] You can see more Table for Two in the latest issue of Attitude's May issue. Buy in printdownload or subscribe. More stories: Guardians of the Galaxy to feature an LGBT+ character? Gay men in Chechnya give harrowing accounts of abuse – WATCH