Dancer Willie Gomez helps recreate romantic movie scenes with gay couples
There are numerous iconic romantic movie moments that everyone thinks of - but shamefully there's barely any that feature gay couples. Well, Britney's dancer Willie Gomez and some of his friends recently decided enough was enough and have put a spin on some of the most recognised scenes ever created on film. If you've ever wanted to see Ghost's iconic moment with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze recreated with two guys and a markedly more phallic-looking piece of clay, you're in luck. Or did you always think that the moment in 80s rom-com Say Anything was missing a dance break? Yeah, us too. We'll never look at these movies the same way again. Check out the clips below: More stories: Husband of gay police officer killed in Paris attack delivers heartbreaking eulogy US baseball player comes out live on TV – and doesn’t get the reaction he expects