Iconoclast London debut first collection for Summer’ 17
ICONOCLAST, a new London based street-wear brand, team up with celebrated designer and graffiti artist Matt W. Moore for they debut summer collection. The collection, which includes statement making tees and sweatshirts, promises to be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. ICONOCLAST was started by a small team of Londoners in 2009 as a members' only creative group; focused on creating socially conscious artwork, photography, graffiti and slam poetry; that encapsulates the theme of creativity and art as a means for positive change. Over the years the group has grown to embrace more urban artforms and today collaborates with some of the most creative, gifted artists representing the best of city life in fields ranging from free running to graffiti. Following significant interest in the group's artwork, the ICONOCLAST team has decided to release a streetwear line infusing its values, aesthetic and obsession with the urban environment and sharing London's energy with the world. The Collection will be available soon at iconoclasthq.com