Katy Perry accused of ripping off another artist's work in 'Bon Appetit' video
Katy Perry's latest music video has been out for less than 24 hours, but it's already found itself at the centre of a plagiarism row after a US director accused the singer of ripping off his own work. Perry unveiled the risqué, food-themed visual for her latest single 'Bon Appetit' on Friday (May 12), but just hours later was called out for the clip's alleged similariities to another music video. Titantic Sinclair, an LA-based artist and director, took to Twitter last night to accuse Perry of "blatantly ripping off" a video he directed for US band Knox Hamilton last year. The band's video shows a series of faces covered in plastic wrapping, and bears a striking resemblance to the opening scene of the 'Bon Appetit'. Sinclair attached a screenshot of Perry praising the Knox Hamilton video following its release last year, before accusing the singer of "blatantly ripping off" his work. "Here is an old screenshot of @katyperry praising a video I directed and then her blatantly ripping it off in her new video," the director wrote. "Make sure you let  know I'm happy she liked my idea enough to steal it!"   Despite the apparent similarities, many Katy fans were quick to defend the singer, with some posting images of other artwork that also features plastic wrapping. Posting pictures of Rihanna, Santigold and TV's Dexter that contain similar imagery, one tweeter told Sinclair: "You did not invent shrink wrap." Another pointed out that Katy had featured a woman wrapped in plastic as far back as 2010, in her candy-themed video for 'California Girls'. So what do you think? Coincidence, friendly-inspiration or something more untoward? Check out both videos below and let us know your thoughts... More stories: Matt Lister: Why I decided to ditch the razor and start loving my hairy body As a gay man, why do I find it so difficult to make friends with straight men?