Frankie Grande unveils debut single 'Queen' - WATCH
Frankie Grande is making a claim for sister Ariana's pop crown with the release of his first ever single. After announcing his intention to move into pop music last week following stints on Broadway and the British version of Celebrity Big Brother, the 35-year-old entertainer unveiled debut track 'Queen' on Thursday (May 18), complete with a shiny new music video. The song is an anthemic, glam-rock-inspired number which sees Frankie show off his surprisingly impressive pipes as he channels icons including David Bowie. Imagine Adam Lambert doing Rock of Ages and you're pretty much there, basically. So can we expect more original music from Grande major? Apparently so. Frankie tells Billboard of his burgeoning pop career: "This is fun. I'm going to keep doing it. Beyond 'Queen', I already know I'm recording another song. Whether it will be released as a new single on an EP or an album, I have absolutely no idea. I'm just staying in the realm of 'I'm enjoying this, so let's keep doing it'." Check out the video for 'Queen' below: More stories: Arrested Development star comes out as bisexual Table for Two | ‘He said I was a lot nice than I came across on Twitter’