Table For Two | 'I was worried about the age gap - it was a relief when he told me he was 25'
Harun (left) Age: 30 Occupation: Events Manager Andre (right) Age: 25 Occupation: Journalist What were your first impressions? Andre: He had a very open demeanour and put me at ease straight away. He was also wearing a particularly zany pair of braces that I'm not sure I could have pulled off! Harun:  Andre looks really young to be honest. I was worried about the age gap for a moment so it was a relief when he told me he was 25! How was the conversation and what did you talk about? Andre: Conversation flowed pretty easily. Being a gay guy from Turkey he had had a lot of interesting experiences and we discussed everything from the way Turkish society is heading to gay rights in the Muslim world. Harun: We talked pretty much about everything: experiences, lifestyles, London, music, families, cultures, countries. We never stopped talking which was amazing. What was the most interesting thing about him? Andre: His life experiences. He'd been through a lot growing up gay in Turkey, and it puts things in perspective. Harun: He is a traveller and has seen many countries around the world which is really interesting. He is visiting America soon with an exciting driving experience so I must admit that I envy him. What do you think he thought of you? Andre: Hopefully nothing too awful. Harun: He might think I am a more Jazzy person, thanks to my braces. (OK he also gave me some hint about this) I am sure as the conversation went, he changed his mind. How was the food? Andre: Sensational. I will be dreaming of the steak I ate. As a fried chicken connoisseur I can also say theirs was the poshest I’ve ever eaten. Harun: Brilliant. M Restaurant has really a nice ambience, with an incredible menu and lovely waiters. We shared some starters, my choice was buttermilk fried chicken. As main I had a piedmontese: an Italian steak, with seasonal greens and chips. Any awkward moments? Andre: He did say he initially thought I was 17 as 'I have the face of a child', which I won't be adding to my Grindr bio anytime soon. There was also a bit of a pre-date mix-up where we thought we were dating other people, but this was quickly rectified! Harun: As it was my first blind-date experience, I thought there would be  a lot of awkward silences but it turned out we both love talking so there weren’t any bad moments. How did the night end? Andre: With a dessert cocktail and a handshake at Victoria station. Harun:  After the long conversation, a nice dinner, a bottle of wine and cocktails we realised we still had to go to work the next day so we have decided to end the night. Walked together to Victoria station, swapped numbers and that's it. Daniel and Conor dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London. Snog, marry, avoid? Andre: All these options are far too extreme! He's not for me romantically, although I think he will make someone an excellent partner. Harun: This is a tricky one to answer because he is really a nice guy and I would love to see him again as a friend so not avoid or snog, but I’m not planning to settle soon so not marry either. Can we add "just friends" or "drinking buddies" here? Will you meet again? Andre: I would happily go for a coffee or a drink. Harun: It is always nice to have well-educated people with a sense of humour in your life so I would definitely like to meet him again and have couple of drinks. Date Rating Andre: 7/10 Harun: 7/10 If you’re in London and would like to go on a blind date for Attitude’s Table For Two, email [email protected] You can see more Table for Two in the latest issue of Attitude’s Summer issue. Buy in printdownload or subscribe. More stories: See all the best bits from ITV’s The Real Full Monty (PICS) Did RuPaul’s Drag just accidentally announced the winner of season 9