Meet the man that moves the world
Promotional Rick Morgan is the director of Global Pathways Recruitment, a specialist in international recruitment. An expert in the finance sector, he is also a pioneer in promoting employment equality. The native Londoner is proud of his hometown for being a melting pot of diversity. “I support anyone who comes from any background and faces discrimination in their efforts to climb in their career. We are all a minority somewhere in the world.” At age 39, Morgan recently decided to set up his own business, taking “the path of least resistance” as he calls it. After years of experience in the field he enjoys the perks of having no boss – no dress code, the ability to choose his colleagues and most of all, setting his own working hours. “In fact, I get to make all my decisions.” His clients are both huge international companies and individuals who are looking to relocate. When companies are not able to find employees with the right skill-set locally, Morgan comes in. “It can be like looking for the needle in the haystack, so they can just outsource it to me and let me do the work.” With an extensive global network up his sleeve, Morgan is an entrepreneur with a lot of ambition. “I literally cover the whole world from London, which is both very interesting and a little challenging with time zones sometimes.” His work does not end with the recruitment process though. Morgan’s success lays in the support he offers throughout the recruitment and relocation process. “People move for a variety of reasons – career enhancement, a better work/life balance, a different climate or simply for a change of scenery.” He supports individuals as they prepare to move and settle into their new homes. “I have to get to know people very well, know their families, their lifestyle choices, their ultimate goals and motivation in life, so I can give my thoughts on locations around the world that fit in with what they are looking for.” It is his commitment that sets Global Pathways apart from its competition. Asked about his biggest professional accomplishments, Morgan doesn’t name his most lucrative deals. On the contrary, he mentions how he assisted a gay couple to relocate to Canada, how he helped an exceptionally strong willed woman to move from a misogynistic environment to one where her superb abilities were recognised and encouraged, and how he has taken someone out of an environment where they were being physically attacked for being an ethnic minority and moved them to somewhere they could feel safe walking the streets at night. Morgan is a modern role model in every way and refuses to work with judgemental and discriminatory clients. “I have always been pro employment equality. I think solidarity amongst minorities gives us all a strength and a unity that can help when people face this discrimination. I think companies are now recognising that they have spent many years in the dark ages, rejecting talented people who could have made huge, positive impacts on their businesses – and are now taking steps to rectify that. I am here to help them achieve this goal.” With his optimistic mind-set Morgan noticed a positive change in the industry and is eager to be part of a revolution himself. “The world is proactively seeking out minority candidates in a bid to redress an archaic balance. The way you look, speak or dress is not an indication of how you perform in the workplace and we have many talented and career minded people amongst our own community. It is my personal mission to do all I can to help my brothers and sisters from all over the world to be what they want to be.” Contact details : [email protected] +44 (0) 207 859 4620 Words by Kevin Gassebner