Big Brother viewers call for Andrew's removal after 'creepy' attempts to kiss Raph
It's another day, another drama in the Big Brother house after and incident between Andrew and Raph saw viewers calling for Andrew's removal from the series. The onscreen controversy continued during Wednesday night's episode (July 5) when Andrew repeatedly attempted to kiss Raph, despite his friend's protestations. The pair, who are both openly gay, have struck up a close friendship during their time in the house, and Andrew has previously admitted to Big Brother that he has developed romantic feelings for his housemate. Things came to a head this week when Andrew asked Raph for a hug, which Raph reciprocated - though he despite looking visibly uncomfortable. Andrew then gave Raph a peck on the cheek, prompting the 22-year-old psychology student to splutter 'Oh my God'' before trying to pull away. Andrew continued to hold Raph in an embrace, and with his friend's back now against the wall he attempted to kiss him on the cheek again. Raph pulled away once more, and as Andrew tried to kiss him yet again he shouted 'No no no, stop stop stop!" while falling to the floor. Andrew immediately apologised for the incident saying: "Raph, please forgive me, please forgive me." A visibly shaken Raph then shook Andrew's outstretched pinky finger in a gesture of forgiveness, but firmly refused Andrew's offer of another hug to make up.

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The incident left more than just Andrew Raph red-faced, as viewers rushed to voice their unease with the situation on Twitter. "Was so bad of andrew to keep continuing trying to do that after raph told him no, he was obviously sooo uncomfortable," one viewer wrote. Another added: "Andrew needs to be reprimanded for his conduct, Raph clearly told him to stop, but he ignored and licked his neck and tried to kiss him!" Some were even strong in their criticism of Andrew, demanding that he be removed from the house for his conduct. "Andrew needs to be REMOVED immediately, sexual assault on TV against Raph!, wrote one angry viewer. Another wrote: "Andrew overstepped his boundaries and in other series he would have been removed. Raph was clearly uncomfortable... Others simply expressed concern for Raph's welfare. "Feel sorry for Raph when Andrew was coming on too strong. He looked panicked when he shouted stop! Big Brother should check on him," wrote one concerned fan. Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5. More stories: Blind Date to air first ever LGBT episode in honour of Pride Gus Kenworthy has stripped completely naked for ESPN's Body Issue