In pictures: Pride in London 2017
Pride in London 2017 took place yesterday - and the event was bigger and better than ever. Over 26,000 people took part in the march, and it is estimated that up to one million people descended on the capital to celebrate their LGBT+ pride. This year's event marks 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of gay sex in England and Wales. Speaking at Trafalgar Square, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that the event was the "best antidote" to recent terrorist attacks. "We've had a horrible last few weeks. We've had terror, we've had tragedy," Khan said. "You know what the best antidote to sorrow, the best antidote to sadness, to bereavement, to hatred, is Pride In London." Prime Minister Theresa May was not in attendance, but she left a video message for the crowd in which she vowed to challenge "governments that criminalise homosexuality or practice violence and discrimination" against LGBT+ people. Last month, May entered into an agreement with the vehemently anti-LGBT+ DUP in order to stay in government. The Prime Minister added: "Here at home too, we must continue to stand up for true equality and respect for everyone, right across our United Kingdom. "We must stamp out homophobic bullying in schools, and drive down homophobic and transphobic hate crime." Celebrities like Tom Daley and Joanna Lumley were spotted at various Pride events. Take a look at some pictures from the big day below:

Pride in London #prideinlondon

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Pride 2017

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We hope you had a fun and safe Pride if you were in London for the celebrations! More stories: