Table for Two | 'We talked about the thing you never should on a date - ex boyfriends'
Dominic (left) Age: 25 Occupation: Support worker Padraig (right) Age: 27 Occupation: Journalist What were your first impressions? Dominic: Thank goodness he’s not the size of a house and is dressed for the occasion. Padraig: Great smile, eyes, teeth and hair, the first things I notice about a guy. He said he was glad I wasn’t like Peter from Family Guy — we laughed because I thought the same thing! Would you have swiped left or right? D: Truthfully, before our date based purely on looks I’d have swiped left as he seemed a little young looking and I usually swipe older guys. P: Definitely right. How was the conversation and what did you talk about? D: I had a cocktail or two to calm my nerves first so the conversation flowed well. We discussed a lot: from work and TV, to social anxiety. And the thing you never should on a date — ex boyfriends. P: We chinwagged about Beyoncé (the twins news came an hour before) and he didn’t know Jay-Z was the father, the differences when living alone — he has his own place and I’m in a house share — and why gay men are mummy’s boys. Were there any dealbreakers? D: Not at my end. I was really pleased with the whole experience. P: He lives in Bournemouth and I live in London. But I’ve done long distance before. What do you think he thought of you? D: Maybe that I was a little tipsy, possibly a bit of a chav next to him! But going on what he told me, I’d say he enjoyed my company and thought I was a fun, genuine person. P: He texted me the next morning saying he thought I was handsome. I returned the compliment. I hope I didn’t ask too many questions though — there’s a fine line between being interested and interrogation. How was the food? D: Beautiful. P: Divine. We got the steak, medium rare for me, well done for him. He doesn’t like it mooing like I do. Any awkward moments? D: I went the whole date not knowing his name and didn’t want to ask again! P: The light falling over on the table which caused everyone’s eyes to be on us when the photographer came. Dominic also mentioned his mum saying she wanted him to have a nice date and not be set up with an idiot, to which I said, “you’re not an idiot” and he said “she was talking about you, not me.” We howled.

Dominic and Padraig dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London.

How did the night end? D: With a drink in a different venue, a nice walk and a little kiss. P: We shared dessert and went to another bar where he bought us tequila shots chased by pineapple juice. For tequila haters like me, it actually works. We may have exchanged a kiss. Or eight. Snog, marry, avoid? D: We’ve spoken since so not avoid. Snog? Had a little one already. Marry? He’s certainly somebody you could introduce to your mum. P: Snog, but who knows where the gay gods may take us? Will you meet again? D: Yes. P: We’re already texting to meet again. He’s even offered to let me stay over at his place if I visit him in Bournemouth. If you’re in London and would like to go on a blind date for Attitude’s Table For Two, email [email protected] You can see more Table for Two in the latest issue of Attitude’s July issue. Buy in printdownload or subscribe.