Beauty and the beach: skincare tips for scorching summer weather
PROMOTIONAL If you’re lucky enough to live close to the coast, or have a seaside getaway coming up, at home or abroad, those lazy days on the beach are an undeniable highlight of the summer season. They offer the opportunity to find your new summer fling or to get a great tan, but overdo it and your skin may suffer. That's where the Lab Series skin care regime comes in With temperatures climbing, we dehydrate rapidly during summer months. Upgrade your heavy-duty cream moisturiser with a lighter hydrating gel and say goodbye to that permanent clammy face feeling. This gel is a quick-absorbing and lightweight moisturiser that instantly draws in and retains moisture, to help rehydrate dry complexions. It also calms and soothes the skin with an immediate cooling sensation, while its oil-absorbing powder eliminates surface shine to leave a matte finish.
While you can slather your skin with protective sun cream, there are some parts of the body that are often forgotten — such as your lips. And with all that eye candy at the beach, you may just find a use for them if you play your cards right. Keep lips hydrated, soft and smooth with Lab Series’ refreshing formula. As well as replenishing your lips with essential moisture, it’s specially designed to offer a discreet, matte finish.
LS PRO LS LIP TECH, 4.3g, £9
We’re all guilty of shirking on sun protection at some point during our lives. Avoid painful sunburn by investing in a high-quality, high-SPF lotion and reapply every couple of hours and after you’ve been for a dip. Don’t get caught out in the sun: use this lightweight, high-performance sun cream at the start of the day and you’ll be good to go. It helps to visibly brighten skin and prevent discolouration, for a younger and healthier appearance. Your skin tone and texture will appear more even, with a reduction in the appearance of dark spots and dullness.
Those heady summer days by the sea can do wonders for the mind, but the combination of sand, salt and sun cream can be a recipe for skin breakouts if you don’t wash your face properly afterwards. A good cleanser will see you right — ensuring that you can show off your tan with pride. New to the LS Pro range, this all-in-one gel builds into a powerful foaming lather that’s perfect for cleaning the face and beard and rinses off easily. With its enzymatic action, it gently but deeply cleanses without disturbing pH or stripping moisture from the skin.
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