Watch Tom Daley and Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson try out some extreme positions
These days it seems like everybody's espousing the benefits of yoga, but seriously guys, you know what's better than actually doing it? Watching it. Namely, watching two shirtless Olympic-level acrobats try and manoeuvre themselves into the most convoluted positions possible as part of an 'Extreme Yoga Challenge'. Thankfully, Tom Daley's latest YouTube video involves that very spectacle, as the Team GB diver teams up with gymnast Nile Wison to try out some extreme yoga positions that will leave a lasting impression. The clip sees the pair take requests from a vast array of celebrity friends, including former Attitude cover stars Adam Peaty, Stephen Fry, Gus Kenworthy, and even Dustin Lance Black, who has a very specific request for his husband. "This a position I saw at Cirque le Soir – this circus that comes to town occasionally," Dustin says. "What is interesting about this position is that one of you is going to have to decide who’s reclining, and who’s erect." So who ends up where? You'll have to watch the video to find out...     xxxx xxx