Watch: Gay couple share passionate kiss on Jeremy Kyle to annoy homophobic ex-partner
Jeremy Kyle was NOT happy with his latest guests. A lesbian couple appeared on today's show, where they began snogging backstage just to anger one of their anti-gay ex-partners, who had called up the show. Gary came onto the show to prove he didn't cheat on his ex-girlfriend during their relationship, which came to an end over a year ago, and also to insist that he didn't want his child to be raised by two lesbians. But when the cameras cut backstage, Jeremy was stunned to see Nikki and her new girlfriend Chrissie - who hopes to adopt Gary's baby - sharing a passionate snog for the cameras just to spite Gary and his anti-gay views. However, Jeremy wasn't pleased with the pair's behaviour, telling them: "If you want to be taken seriously , you don’t want to make this about your sexuality, it’s about a kid. “Don’t play up to a caricature. That is ridiculous," he added. When they all came out on stage together, Gary proceeded to tell Jezza: "I don’t want my son being brought up by lesbians.” It's 2017, Gary. Lighten up. Honestly though, name a better way to stick to fingers up at your homophobic ex. Gary sweetie, you're cancelled. The Jeremy Kyle Show continues on ITV1 weekdays at 10.30am.