Twinks For Trump founder Lucian Wintrich arrested during 'It's OK to be white' speech
Lucian Wintrich, the founder of Twinks for Trump, has been arrested. The 29-year-old was arrested while delivering speech at the University of Connecticut earlier his week entitled his "It's OK to be white", sponsored by the UConn College Republicans. During the speech, Wintrich reportedly took breaks to drink from a glass of milk and insult the audience members by commenting on their appearance, Daily Campus reports. He claimed that Africans were being wrongfully applauded for wearing their native garb, illegal immigrants were negatively affecting the economy and that being white doesn't correlate with Nazism. Crowds of protesters attending the event grew angry and shouted "Go home Nazis", "Black Lives Matter" and "F*ck you" before rushing at Wintrich. Wintrich, the White House Correspondent for the Gateway Pundit, was removed from the room and arrested for breach of peace on the university campus after he grabbed a woman from the crowd who had seized his speech. He was held at the UConn campus for almost an hour as students continued to protest. When he was later escorted out of the building and into a police car, students ran after him. He was later released on $1,000 bail. Wintrich later took to Twitter to hit out at the protestors. "It's really unfortunate that some of the kids at the UConn felt the need to be violent and disruptive during a speech that focused on how the leftist media is turning Americans against each other. Tonight proved my point." More stories: The secret world of cottaging explored in new photography exhibition Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to meet people living with HIV in first public engagement as a couple