3 easy ways to boost your confidence in the bedroom

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What does it mean to be sexually empowered? It isn’t just one thing, for starters. Rather, it’s a culmination of attitudes and behaviors that promote a sex-positive mindset. Like acknowledging that people are able to freely express their sexuality and giving yourself the autonomy to confidently explore your own desires without shame.

This can be especially difficult for the queer community, since everything (school, media, society, etc.) primarily caters to heteronormative ideals and experiences, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. As a result, queer people have limited access to information and wellness products to help us effectively and safely explore our desires and grow confident in our sexuality. 

Pure for Men is on a mission to empower gay men and the queer community by offering wellness products that promote confidence before, during and after sex. To get you started, here are three easy ways their products can empower you in the bedroom - or wherever you get off.

Introduce more fibre to your diet

Excessive douching can be detrimental to your bum, especially since the majority of men who engage in receptive anal intercourse douche using unsubstantiated methods, often by using too much solution or too much force. 

While douching prior to anal sex can make you feel more confident, it can actually be counterproductive, as enemas and tap water traumatize cells in the area, increasing the chances of tearing and potentially contracting STIs. Not to mention, most penises and toys don’t come in contact with the area where stool is stored, so douching prior to sex is largely unnecessary. 

The healthiest and most effective way to clean and prepare for anal sex is by consuming fibre, so that when you use the restroom, there’s less residue where the action will be taking place. If you consume plenty of fibre, drink lots of water, use the bathroom an hour before play and rinse off in the shower with a mild organic soap, your bum should be primed for a good time.

But since most people don’t get enough fibre in their diet, introducing Pure for Men’s premium Fibre capsules or Fibre Powder offers assurance that will make you feel clean and confident all day long. 

Self care down there

There is no such thing as too much hydration. Say it once, say it twice, make it your mantra. Since the bum doesn’t moisturize itself, it needs extra special care. An all-natural moisturiser is the most effective way to enhance your skin’s appearance and restore damaged areas from any wear and tear, from all of your play-time encounters.

Pure for Men’s all purpose Cream is magic for your skin. This balm-like cream will elevate your natural scent from daytime to playtime with a mixture of all-natural oils to create long-lasting hydration for your bum, balls, and everywhere in between. The combination of organic spices acts as a deodorizer to help eliminate odors. This balm is icing on the cake when it comes to your daily routine.  

Stay fresh and clean wherever you go

Sex is spontaneous, meaning we may not always feel as fresh as we’d like to down there. So when there’s no time to shower and you’re feeling insecure about hygiene, Pure for Men’s full body Wipes make cleaning your intimate areas quick and easy. 

The wipes are flushable, biodegradable, alcohol-and paraben-free and infused with all-natural ingredients like vitamin E, aloe and micellar to clean, calm and hydrate your skin. Stay Ready Wipes can be used before sex, after sex and can be used to clean sex toys, so youcan  take them everywhere and use them anywhere.

Pure for Men believes everybody deserves to wake up each and every day and live their life with an overflowing level of confidence. That’s why we create health and sexual wellness products that empower our community in and out of the bedroom. For more information on our products and sex tips for gay men and the queer community visit

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