4 engagement tips for same-sex couples in 2021

Thinking of popping the question? Here's some advice from an expert.


With the pandemic putting a spanner in the works for so many brides- and grooms-to-be in 2020, you might be looking to pop the question this year, instead. 

Here, Jack Jahan from jewellery retailer Ramsdens Jewellery shares tips for how you can make your proposal super special...

The past year has made it difficult to share many moments with our nearest and dearest and, unfortunately, many couples have felt the effects of this.

But while more than 71% of couples have been forced to postpone their big day in 2020 due to Covid-19, the pandemic might have increased the number of proposals we're likely to see over the next year (via Hitched).

If you're one of the many people planning to propose to your partner in 2021, you'll want to make the occasion super memorable, while ensuring it's unique to your relationship. Here, I'll be sharing my top tips to help you do just that.

Plan the proposal as a pair

Proposing to your loved one is such a special experience, but it can be a little stressful trying to pull everything off when it's just down to you to get it right. With heterosexual couples, planning the proposal tends to be the responsibility of the groom-to-be, but many same-sex couples choose to plan their proposals together. This can be a great idea, as it ensures everyone gets the exact experience they're hoping for.

I'd recommend sitting down together and discussing details, such as how extravagant or lowkey you'd like your proposal to be. Although the pandemic has left some uncertainty around when and where we can travel outside of our local areas, you can still come up with some ideas of where you'd ideally like to pop the question, and book nearer the time. Similarly, you could look for bookings with flexible cancellation policies, so you don't waste any money.

You might also want to consider whether you'll share the moment just as a pair or with loved ones. Again, this will depend on the changing circumstances of the pandemic, but even having them share the moment with you via video calls could be a way to make the proposal extra-special and your family and friends are sure to love being involved.

Select a location that reflects your relationship

Choosing the perfect location for a proposal can be difficult, with so many beautiful landscapes and areas to pick from. So, why not repeat history and return to the place you met to make the moment incredibly memorable?

If this was somewhere that is currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions, you could even think of a back-up plan in case your ideal location is still off limits when you plan to propose. For example, if you met at a concert, creating your own garden festival for the two of you will be a special way to commemorate your love and is sure to bring back great memories as you listen to the same music that was playing when you met.

Similarly, if your first date was at your now-favourite restaurant, but this is closed, why not recreate your favourite dishes in the comfort of your own home? You could even try experimenting with your décor to create a mock-up of the restaurant. This will add an extra-special touch and will look great in photos!

Choose your engagement rings together

If you're planning your proposal together, you might want to think about both being present when rings are being chosen, rather than choosing for each other. This can ensure you both receive a ring you love and that matches your style. Plus, you can avoid the potential risk that your partner's ring mightn't fit them.

Whether you have totally different styles or very similar jewellery tastes, picking your rings together will be a special moment you'll love to look back on together. Plus, while you're shopping for your engagement rings, you could even take the opportunity to find the perfect complementary wedding rings that you'll place on each other's fingers when the big day arrives.

Just remember to take into account each of your lifestyles, so you can be sure the rings you both pick can be worn throughout your daily duties and responsibilities.

Adopt your own traditions

If you don't feel drawn to some of the old-fashioned proposal and wedding traditions, why not take this opportunity to make these special moments more personal to you as a couple? For example, instead of one of you getting down on one knee, you might both want to do it while you present your engagement rings to one another.

Once you've both celebrated your special moment, and it's time to plan the wedding, you might also want to think about adding some of your own personal touches to your big day. This could include walking each other down the aisle or having both sets of parents give the speeches. Adding unique touches to your ceremony will ensure it's a memorable day that's true to your relationship.

There are no hard and fast rules that apply to what getting married should look like. So, take the opportunity to make your proposal and wedding day truly yours by ensuring you're both comfortable with your roles for the day. And, where you're unable or don't want to choose which one of you should carry out a certain duty, why not do it together so you can both share the experience?

Your engagement should be unique and special to you and your partner. So, instead of adhering to traditions that don't appeal to you, why not make the moment your own? With my top four tips, you can ensure you'll have an engagement to remember.