4 instant upgrades for a more grown-up bedroom
  TOP BANNER - HOMES   In association with Outlet Property Services You might not realise it, but your bedroom says a lot about you. So if you find yourself inviting someone into it, whether it’s unexpected (wink wink) or because friends are visiting, you’ll need to make it look great. Here are a few ways to upgrade your boudoir so it’s less student digs and more suave bachelor pad. Beautiful bed warren evans bed Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so it needs to look the part. Even if you don’t spend your hard earned cash on anything else, make sure you invest in a decent mattress, an attractive bed frame and quality bedding. We like this ‘Vienna’ option from Warren Evans. Vienna bed £1,198 at Warren Evans  Floor focus ikea rug   A great tip for making your bedroom look more put together is to place a large rug under your bed. If you can’t get one large enough to fit the entire bed on, you can buy a smaller one and have it at the end. It’s a great way to add colour to your room, especially if you’re in a rented place and can’t paint the walls. The contrast with the flooring will also help frame the bed in your room, creating a focal point. It basically shows your visitors you’ve got some style and given some thought to how your room looks. Stockholm rug £160 at Ikea Double up your lamps lamps You know how when you go to a fancy hotel, there are always two lovely lamps on either side of the bed? Well that is a really simple and affordable way to go upscale in your own bedroom. The ‘Ruby’ lamps by John Lewis come in a pair for just £28! And they have contemporary rectangular shades and a chrome base. Ruby duo lamps £28 at John Lewis Speaker sonos If you’re trying to impress someone in your bedroom, few accessories say ‘I’m as smooth as Barry White’ like a good music system. We love the Sonos wireless speakers, which will allow you to play your James Bay or Adele tracks without ugly cables. Beats that old CD player you had back at your parents place doesn’t it? Sonos 1 speaker £169.99 at Selfridges Outlet Property Services is the original and first-choice LGBT property company providing sales, lettings, property management, and financial services. To find out more or get in touch click here.