Grooming review: Blitz beard trimmer
  BlitzAs more and more guys embrace facial fuzz, seems there's barely a man on the streets nowadays with a bare face. Razors are out as blokes abandon the close shave, replaced with clippers for everything from bushy lumberjack beards to groomed George Michael-esque goatees. But how to tame and groom all this newfound face fur? The right tool is essential, and can be the difference between scoring that rough, rugged look and just looking, well, rough. We road-tested a new addition to the competitive beard trimmer market, the Blitz by Wahl. Here's our verdict: Price: At £89.99, it's not at the cheaper end of the market - but you can see why, as it's a surprisingly powerful tool in a compact, lightweight package, and it comes with a wealth of accessories. Grooming options: To be honest, you could argue there are almost too many options for your average guy - the trimmer comes equipped with 12 different combs offering cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 24mm, plus additional trimmer heads, meaning you can knock yourself out in front of the mirror for hours perfecting your chin topiary. Perhaps it needs to come with a warning: Remember fellas, there is such a thing as too much grooming! Usability: She runs like a dream. The Blitz "features a wider blade than standard trimmers, creating a fast and easy grooming experience," meaning you can take care of your whole face in just a couple of minutes without having to 're-mow the lawn' over and over. Although, you can if you want: Wahl’s Lithium Ion makes use of the most advanced rechargeable battery technology, which enables the Blitz to run for 240 minutes from a 1-hour charge - giving up to three month’s use from a single charge. A quick one-minute quick charge will give you around three minutes of use. The New Wahl Lithium Ion Blitz Beard Trimmer will be available at Argos from 18 July for £89.99 SSP.