8 ways to make sure your wedding day photos are picture perfect

We spoke to wedding photographers Paul Underhill, Emily Butters and Matt Turrell to tell us what you need to do to ensure you’re happy with your most cherished memories.  1) See who’s out there Shop around and check out various wedding photographers’ websites. This way you can see what style of pictures work for you best. Do you want traditional Hello! magazine style line ups or a cooler more report feel? Google wedding photographs, or simply ask friends for recommendations. 2) Get to know your photographer Once you’ve found someone whose pics you like, go and meet them to see if he or she is the kind of person you want to share your day with. This is your special day so you want to make sure you don’t end up with a mini Hitler barking orders at people about where to stand. 3) Discuss ideas for the day Similarly, it's good hear any ideas they might have that you might not have thought to. They might suggest various effects for certain photographs that might tickle your fancy. SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 17:  Same-sex couple Ariel Owens (R) and his spouse Joseph Barham walk arm in arm after they were married at San Francisco City Hall June 17, 2008 in San Francisco, California. Same-sex couples throughout California are rushing to get married as counties begin issuing marriage license after a State Supreme Court ruling to allow same-sex marriage.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) 4) Do a dummy shoot Also, it might be worth organising a couple shoot with your chosen photographer to see how you work with each other and for he or she to see how you work in front of the camera. More and more couples have fallen in love with the idea of having beautifully shot couple portraits after they get engaged. 5) Make sure the photographer knows the plan Make sure you give your photographer the full wedding itinerary for the day including any surprises you might have up your sleeve so they can be ready to capture all those important moments. For group photos it's best to make a list and have an usher or best man help arrange the groups to keep the interruption to the minimum so you can concentrate in enjoying your celebration.  6) Relax! Always remember to relax your face, shoulders and hands. It will make the photographer's life a lot easier if you're both smiling and will result in much better photos. 7) Don't be afraid to take time out If you feel uncomfortable 'posing' for photos with your other half but would still like some nice couple shots then ask your photographer if they can just go for a walk with you. It's a chance for you both to have a 10 minute break to reflect on your day and hopefully they will be quietly snapping away whilst you wander. 8) Cut down on group shots. Most photographers would agree that group shots are the part that can really take over the drinks reception. You think they'll be quick but when your great Aunt Ethel has nipped to the loo and you're all standing around waiting for her, they really can become a disruptive part of the day. If you've only got half an hour for a drinks reception don't expect your photographer to be able to get 10 family group shots, couple shots, detail shots and reportage shots of your guests enjoying themselves. If you cut down your group shots it will result in better photos elsewhere and give you more time to enjoy yourself. love1 More stories: Check out all the highlights from Tel Aviv Pride Stephen Fry and Dr Christian slam NHS decision not to fund PrEP