London's most popular laundry app gives you more free time
Promotional feature Did you know the average household spends five hours on laundry every week? That’s over 23,000 hours of your life spent sorting, washing, folding and ironing when you could be doing something fun instead! That’s where Laundrapp was created – a new on-demand laundry and dry cleaning app that takes care of your washing in just 30 seconds. Laundrapp gives you more time to relax in Bishop’s Park or sit in the cafes of Parson’s Green; more time to do whatever you want to do. 122-2560x1186 How it works is simple: just download the app for iPhone, iPad or Android or place an order online. Laundrapp will arrive to collect your clothes at a time and place you choose. After that they’ll be professionally cleaned in Laundrapp’s local facilities, then returned whenever is convenient for you. It’s a modern day laundry service and it’s available seven days a week. Best of all, collection and delivery is completely free – and you can even order when you’re out and about if you download Laundrapp for iPhone, iPad and Android. Collection and delivery – anytime, anywhere laundrapp-order-dry-cleaning-online-mac-2560x1186 “Laundrapp offers a professional and convenient service with cleaned and pressed shirts available from just £2,” says Laundrapp CEO Edward Relf, who says many customers praise Laundrapp for being flexible to their busy lifestyles. “Life in London is always hectic and everyone in the city is different. Some people cycle to work and want freshly pressed shirts delivered to the office, for example. Others are new parents who don’t want to hang clothes around the flat or listen to a noisy washing machine.” One Laundrapp customer even arranged to have his laundry delivered to his local pub so he wouldn’t miss his pub quiz, says Relf. Laundrapp has cleaned over 250,000 clothes over the last few months and delivers across all of London – but that’s just for starters. To order online click here and in just four months the company has already expanded to Birmingham and Edinburgh too. The only real question left is, if you’re saving an extra five hours every week by giving your laundry to Laundrapp, what will you do with the extra time? Are you ready to discover on-demand dry cleaning and laundry, with prices from just £2.00? Save £10 on your first order with the voucher code ‘ATTITUDE’ iphone_6-2560x1186__1_1