Picture special | The guys of BBC Three's 'Webcam Boys'
The BBC Three documentary exploring the explosion of British men who engage webcam pornography to make money raised many eyebrows when it was aired earlier this week. Webcam Boys unpacks why men are driving to strip and perform sex acts online, and how their explicit virtual world affects their real one. Among the participants is a straight young dad supporting his family, a gay guy from Wales and two straight friends who get intimate for the gratification of their huge gay following. We had a chat with the documentary’s director Mobeen Azhar to discover exactly what makes these guys tick, and how sex is changing in a world where when anyone can click ‘record’ and become their own personal porn empire - check out the interview in full here. In case you missed Webcam Boys, we’ve collated some of the programme's highlights... Enjoy! WCB4e WCB4a WCB3m WCB3k WCB3g WCB3e WCB3d WCB2y WCB2u WCB2t WCB2s WCB2r WCB2q WCB2p WCB2o  WCB2l  WCB2i WCB1z WCB1y WCB1x WCB1t WCB1p WCB1n WCB1i WCB1h WCB1d WCB1h More stories: Star Wars’ John Boyega has apparently shut down all those same-sex romance theories Pics | Chad Michael Murray goes nude in new drama film ‘Other People’s Children’