Watch | New British film 'LoveSwiped' explores modern gay dating
Attitude is pleased to share a new British film by up and coming movie maker Carl Loughlin. LoveSwiped, which premiered earlier this week in Liverpool, is a romantic satire which deals with the modern world of gay dating. It follows one man’s attempts at dating a number of guys, all taking place in the same restaurant. The film’s creator spoke to Attitude about how it came about. “I am a young gay man, who has recently got messily divorced, after 6 years in a civil partnership and 10 years together,” he explained. “In my hunt for new love I have discovered the lonely world of gay dating is a horrific place, and while I was bored in work I started recording my dates and writing my disastrous dates out as film scenes. Before I knew it I had written a 10 minute short film, that I called LoveSwiped. It was filmed by Dreamscope TV in Media City, Manchester.” The film comes with the endorsement of Attitude’s Editor Matthew Todd, who described it as “Funny, touching and close to home.” You can watch the entire short film below: More stories BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival 2016 dates announced The 5 signs you're addicted to gay dating apps