A father posts heartwarming message asking for advice on gay son

The Reddit post has been filled with positive replies dubbing him a amazing parents


A single dad has posted a lovely message about how to go about speaking to his closeted teenage son.

The father - who has two boys, four and 15 - was cleaning his teenagers bedroom and noticed RuPaul's Drag Race paused on his Netflix account, and noticed his son started quoting the show and used phrases like "the shade" and "I'm gagging".

Although initially concerned about the second phrase, the dad didn't know how to go about speaking to his son, so instead wrote a heartwarming post on a Reddit thread dedicated to the TV series.

He wrote: "Hey guys/gals

"Okay so I'm a single parent of two amazing boys (4 year old and 15 year old).

"My 15 year old has a tough time at school, being shy and having stutter.

"I was cleaning up his room while he was in the shower and I need this show (rupaul) was paused on Netflix.

"He has been using different kind of phrases like "the shade" and "I'm gagging" (that one worried me at first). I googled the shade and found it was a drag term but I didn't understand it."

The father then goes on to ask for any advice and said he won't embarrass his son but admitted he "had no idea how to react" when his son used "gagging".

"Is there any advice you can give me? I won't embarrass him and start quoting the show but when he said he was "gagging" I had no idea how to react.

"I would like to know how to react. I was hoping I could get a crash course on this sort of chat.

"Any tips would be awesome and any stories or general advice would help. I'm sure he is gay too for other reasons. [sic]"

The father has received mostly positive feedback on the thread, with people saying he is an amazing parent for asking for advice.