A French version of the iconic 'Queer as Folk' is in the works

The new series will air this autumn


Words: Steve Brown

A French version of Queer as Folk is in the works.

The iconic 1990s series beamed gay lives straight into living rooms across Middle England and is now rightly regarded as one of the most important breakthroughs for LGBT representation in TV history.

The series spawned an American version and was announced last year that the show is set to be rebooted, which creator Russell T Davies on board as well.

But now, the show is being adapted for a French audience with Joris Charpentier, of Aux Singuliers production label, heading the new series,

According to a press release, Joris hopes to examine what is means to be French and gay in 2019.

Joris said: “It will not be a strict adaptation of the characters and intrigues of the Channel 4 series.

“However, the story will take place within the world of Queer As Folk, and will inherit the show’s corrosive, insolent, touching and deeply relevant tone .... continuing and honouring Russell T Davies’s powerful and uniquely human style.

“As for the pitch, the only thing I can tell you is that there will be heroes, heroines and true diversity.”

Original producer Nicola Shindler and Davies said about the new series: “A French version of Queer As Folk would be glorious!

“We fully trust the creative team to create a magnificent series that will reflect the spirit of our show adapted in and to modern France. We can’t wait to see it!”

The new series has yet to announce its cast.