A guide to Tough Mudder's all-new 'Five Fear Challenge'

The ultimate endurance test returns at Tough Mudder London South this month.


Tough Mudder, the infamous obstacle course which puts fitness enthusiasts and brave have-a-go-heroes through their paces, is back to provide the ultimate test in eudurance this month.

The latest instalment in the adrenaline-fuelled challenge sees Tough Mudder return to London South for some muddy action with 25 of Tough Mudder’s top-rated obstacles.

Set to take place at  Faygate, West Sussex over the weekend of 21-22 September, Tough Mudder London South will also feature a reprise of some old fearful favourites in the all-new Five Fear Challenge, featuring friendly obstacles such as live wires, underweater cage crawls and, erm, tear gas?!

Of course, the Mudder Village will be back to provide live entertainment, games, challenges and free beer as participants recover.

Giles Chater, Managing Director of Tough Mudder Ltd, says of the course: "We’re super excited to bring back some of the most talked-about obstacles from days gone by and initiate the Five Fear Challenge.

"It might be the ultimate test of mental grit and stamina but with the legendary camaraderie our events bring, everyone from well-seasoned Mudders to new recruits will be welcomed to the Tough Mudder Tribe."

But just what does Tough Mudder's Five Fear Challenge involve? Get the edge on the competition and find out below:

The Five Fear Challenge

Mudderhorn - We've watched many a Mudder stand at the base of this beast and decide it was too much. Three stories up is no joke but once you've touched down on the other side, there's no going back to the person you were before.

Electric Eel - Slithering out from the history books, Electric Eel is back. Not sufficed with one fear this obstacle combines three; water, small spaces and of course the fear of getting shocked.

Shawshanked - Ever had a nightmare where you're falling from a great height? Prepare to experience the real-life version thanks to Shawshanked.

Cage Crawl - TMHQ shocked everyone when they brought this terrifying idea to life on courses across the country. Is there anything scarier than being submerged in merky water? We don't think so. Luckily, as part of Level Up Lanes whether you choose to face this fright is completely up to you.

Cry Baby - Okay, so maybe not everyone has an innate fear of being teargassed but we're pretty sure you're still going to be bricking it before you face this famous (and fairly insane) Tough Mudder obstacle from days gone by.

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