A homophobic nurse tried to stop a gay couple from adopting their son

In a video for the ‘I’m From Driftwood’ project, Andy Miller, a gay parent from Texas, recalled the day his son was born – and how a homophobic nurse had tried to prevent the birth mother from letting the gay couple adopt her baby. Andy Miller After seeing the birth mother and their baby, Miller and his partner grabbed a bite at a local mall with no mobile reception. It wasn’t until a while later that they learned that a nurse had been bombarding the birth mother with homophobic questions. The first one was ‘Aren’t you the girl that’s giving your baby up for adoption?’ which Miller described as “a huge red flag”. He said, “We went through adoption class and anyone who uses that term like ‘giving up a baby’ is already coming to that conversation with some judgement.” The nurse tried to suggest that the mother’s son would grow up to hate her for letting a gay couple adopt him, that Miller and his partner might hurt the baby and that the child might not grow up to be ‘normal’. Thankfully, a social worker talked with the birth mother and made sure her mind was clear when she decided to go through with the adoption. Listen to Miller’s story in the video below: