A majority of the UK wants to ban trans 'conversion' therapy, suggests poll

The poll's findings also show that most Conservative voters support a full ban on 'conversion' therapy, rather than Boris Johnson's partial ban.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Pexels and Alastair James

A majority of the UK public supports a full ban on 'conversion' therapy, according to new polling. 

YouGov released the findings of their latest poll today (Tuesday 12 April) and as well as showing general support for a full ban, it also shows that most Conservative voters also support a ban on the abhorrent practice for trans people.

This goes against the government's current policy which is seeking to introduce a ban for LGB people but excludes trans people. 

According to YouGov, 65 percent of people in the UK say 'conversion' therapy relating to someone's sexuality should be banned. 62 percent said the same for gender identity.

Only 14 percent say each practice shouldn't be banned. 22-23 percent of people asked are unsure.

Support for a full ban was highest in the 18-24 and 50 to 64 age brackets.

Regarding Conservative voters' views on these topics, 58 percent think trans 'conversion' therapy should be banned, and 63 percent say gay 'conversion' therapy should be banned.

19 percent want to allow gender identity 'conversion' therapy to remain in place.

Labour voters have also been found to be more supportive of a ban with 72 percent supporting a ban concerning sexual orientation and 68 percent for gender identity. 

Protestors outside Downing Street on Sunday 10 April (Photo: Alastair James)

More than 3,000 people took part in a protest on Sunday (10 April) at the government's plans for a 'conversion' therapy ban.

A double u-turn by the government saw them drop all plans of a ban before recommitting to one that would exclude trans people.

Amidst the subsequent outrage, the government's LGBTQ conference was cancelled after more than a hundred LGBTQ organisations announced a boycott.

The government has also been strongly condemned by its own MPs and has since said it plans to carry out "separate work" on a trans 'conversion' therapy ban. 

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