A unique wedding gift idea

Patchwork Present is a cash gift registry designed for couples getting married that don’t want to celebrate their love with spoons, napkins and other department store stuff. Whether it's a piece of art, your honeymoon or something a little more unusual, Patchwork Present lets friends and family get together to buy you one big wedding gift - piece by piece.
Maybe your wedding wish is to fund a beautiful piece of art for your home, or perhaps you really want a joint tattoo? All you need to do is customise one of their many patchworks, or create your own from scratch. Then show your friends and family your ideal wedding present – broken down into pieces – so they can choose which bit they’d like to treat you to. For the tattoo this could be £5 for some ink, £50 for a design, or £100 for an hour’s tattooing. As their site is independent of any retailers, gift money goes directly to you via PayPal account (minus their 3% commission and any PayPal fees) for you to spend when and when you like. Then when you’ve collected all your funds and you’ve got your tattoos, you can upload photos to your account to email thank you notes, along with a picture of you enjoying your gift, to the specific friends who funded each piece.
Hear from some of their couples: “The thing we really loved about Patchwork Present was that if we could imagine it, we could fund it – we weren’t restricted at all.” “We absolutely loved the patchwork experience - it was so brilliant to be able to ask for something that we really, really wanted and wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.” “Through clicking on our patchwork, our guests felt happy with what they were buying into as opposed to simply handing over cash or transferring money directly into our accounts.” To create your own Patchwork Present from scratch or to customise one of our readymade examples visit If you'd like any more information, email: [email protected]