A Whitney Houston Documentary is in the works

Variety reports that Kevin Macdonald, who won an Oscar for One Day in September, is set to direct a theatrical documentary about Whitney Houston's life. The documentary, authorised by her estate, will include an interview with Clive Davis,  who is the founder and president of Arista Records and currently chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment, who brought Houston to prominence. Speaking to Variety, Macdonald said, "We have access to never-before-seen footage of Whitney that charts her whole life from her beginnings singing in her Church's gospel choir to the day of her tragic death at the age of 48, and three decades of her music including exclusive demo recordings, rare performances and audio archive." Macdonald promises not to sugar coat her life as the main purpose of the documentary is to celebrate her life and music. "Although we won't shy away from the darker parts of Whitney's life - her descent into addiction - I want audiences to walk out of the cinema and feel positive about Whitney and her music. I want to reveal a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew; and a woman those knew to her life and music will never forget." The film is set to premiere at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival More stories Zac Goldsmith Interview: I’d use my influence as Mayor of London to lobby for PrEP UKIP’s Peter Whittle: ‘I’d love to be London’s first openly gay Mayor’