Adam Rickitt gets naked to recreate '90s music video

Adam Rickitt has stripped naked to recreate one of his famous music videos. The singer climbed into a drinks fridge backstage at the Big Reunion tour, where he is currently performing with supergroup 5th Story. Bandmate Dane Bowers posted the picture of Rickitt, tweeting: "We said we would get him naked in a box at some point! Not a lot of budget on this tour!" Rickitt originally appeared naked in the music video for his 1999 single I Breathe Again. Take a look at the budget recreation of the music video, and then watch the '90s promo, below: B0-zNAbCEAEBDTZ The former Coronation Street star recently showed off his toned physique with a Twitter selfie - click here to see it. > 5th Story: ‘We thought Adam Rickitt was gay’