Adam Rippon's new Skittles advert is the most fabulous thing you'll see today - WATCH

Who you gonna call to advertise "extra and fancy" Skittles Dips? There was only ever going to be one choice...


With his larger than life personality and ablity to nail an Axel jump on command, US figure skater Adam Rippon has emerged as one of America's most popular sportsmen over the last few years.

And despite hanging up his skates for good 2018, the first openly gay US male athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics is continuing to live fabulously in retirement - as his bedazzling new advert for Skittles shows.

The perfectly OTT commercial sees Adam transforming his life in an effort to make it as "extra and fancy" as new Skittles Dips - and with wigs, sequins, 18th century renaissance fashion and a groundbreaking gay Olympian, we couldn't ask for more from a marketing campaign.

Check it out below: