Advertorial: Twingo. A Little Car with Big Attitude.

So what have we here? The All-New Renault Twingo. Big in all the right places but compact when it counts, it’s designed to be squeezed into the tightest spaces the city throws at you. While the Renault Twingo is a small car, its interior is more than a little spacious. With five doors, access for four is easy and there’s plenty of room for the chaps to hang out in the back. With a folding passenger seat and folding rear seats, the Renault Twingo can take long loads of up to 2.30 metres. That’s a Billy bookcase to you and me! Renault took a big decision when designing the Twingo. They moved the engine to the rear meaning it’s not blocking the front wheels from turning. This makes it an ideal car for inner city driving. The ability to steer to a 45° angle reduces the Twingo’s turning circle dramatically, meaning you can manoeuvre into positions previously unheard of. Talking of positions, let’s take a look at GPS navigation in partnership with CoPilot. Available on Android and iOS, R&GO® is an app that integrates your phone directly into the dashboard. This makes precise navigating through late night streets a breeze, and you don’t even need to use up your 3G connection. This really is a hot little hatchback that takes you anywhere and everywhere.