Alan Carr and David Walliams recreate *that* Orlando Bloom nude picture

The world was a simpler place in August. A Trump presidency felt as improbably as Honey G making it to the X Factor live finals, the world's biggest worry was the colour of the Rio Olympic's diving pool, and the scandal de jour was Orlando Bloom getting caught naked as they day he was born while paddling with then-girlfriend Katy Perry. Four months on, and British funnymen Alan Carr and David Walliams have recreated the now-iconic scene between Orlando and Katy for Heat magazine, complete with bikini, paddle, and penis. The resemblance is pretty uncanny - although we don't remember Katy's chest being quite so hairy. Check out the hilarious shot below, and be sure to revisit the originals here. 15497778_10154052637625308_2063155269_n gallery-1481625019-heat-xmas-edition-2016