Alan Carr: 'Most homophobia I get is from gays'

Alan-Carr-FinalAlan Carr has claimed that most homophobic comments he receives are from other gay men. The comedian took to Twitter today (April 16) to respond to critics of his new new PETA campaign, which sees him dressed up as a fairy. The poster for the campaign reads: “Be a Little Fairy for Animals!” Some users of the social networking site have taken issue with the use of the term "fairy". Carr tweeted: "The 'fairy' in the @Peta campaign refers to my 'Tooth Fairy' DVD that's all. Take my advice if you act like a victim you get treated like 1." He accused people of jumping on the "bandwagon" by finding the term offensive, adding: "Hey and before all you oh so worthy gays get back on your high horse the most homophobia I get is from gays. #selfloathing" "Anyway let's be positive it's a beautiful day! And let's thank our lucky stars we can actually have this debate/discussion/catfight openly," the Chatty Man host concluded. Speaking about the campaign earlier this week, he said: “There’s no magic wand that will find homes for all of Britain’s homeless dogs and cats, but simple surgeries – spaying and neutering – will make a huge difference in the long run. “We can work towards fixing the dog and cat overpopulation problem just by getting our animals ‘fixed’!” Carr joins a growing list of celebrities – including Simon Cowell, Jane Lynch, Charlize Theron, Naughty Boy and Mickey Rourke – who have teamed up with PETA or its overseas affiliates to promote spaying and neutering. > Exclusive: Alan Carr dresses as fairy for PETA campaign > Mariah Carey’s 20 most ridiculous moments > Jessie J hits out at critics: ‘I never lied about my sexuality’