Alex Landi hopes his 'Grey's Anatomy' character can help break LGBT and Asian stereotypes

The US actor opens up about his role as Grey Sloan Memorial's first openly gay male surgeon in our new February issue.


Word: Will Stroude

Whether he's saving lives in dramatic circumstances or getting jiggy in the back of an emergency vehicle during a deadly storm, Alex Landi's arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Nico Kim has been anything but dull.

The US actor, who plays the long-running drama's first ever openly gay male surgeon, has found himself at one of the show's biggest new storylines as Dr. Nico embarks on a tentative relationship with closeted intern Dr. Levi Schmitt (played by the newly-out Jake Borelli), as fans have lapped up every minute.

In the new February issue of Attitude - available to download and to order globally now - Alex admits he hopes his role as confirdent, outgoing Nico can help challenge traditional LGBT and Asian TV stereotypes.

"[Producers] wanted a very masculine 'bro' type, and they wanted him to be openly gay. That was disclosed to me before the audition," he rexplains.

"Another undertone is that he is also the first male surgeon of Asian descent. Obviously, [former fan fave] Cristina Yang [played by Sandra Oh] was female Asian, but there has never been a male Asian surgeon, let alone openly gay."

The rising star, whose father is Italian and mother is Korean, continues: "I’m trying to break stereotypes. Asian men are not seen as masculine in the media and that is something that I am striving to change.

"I just love how diverse Grey’s is. Less than 3 per cent of Asians are represented on TV, and less than 1 per cent are LGBT+, so for them to combine both of those minorities in one role is great."

He adds: "Growing up, I’d watch tons of movies and the leading men were white, traditionally they’re always white.

Alex Landi, shot by Taylor Miller exclusively for the February issue of Attitude, out now

 "Why can’t there be an Asian James Bond? Why can’t there be an Asian Marvel superhero?

"There are plenty of Asian men who can pull it off. A dream of mine is to become a Marvel superhero.

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