Alex Pettyfer shows off hot body after "getting fit" for a new movie

Alex Pettyfer has always looked good, there's no question about it. But according to GayBuzzer, the 26-year-old actor has been hitting the gym for a new movie role. Known for his roles on I Am Number Four and Magic Mike, the actor took to Instagram to show off his body after "getting fit". In the post, he shares of photo of his abs and writes, "I know, I know I'm being an idiot, but 6 weeks ago I was eating #inandout and drinking #soda, now getting fit for a new movie #itsasecret #soontoberevealed".
Well, the abs do look pretty impressive. And naturally here at Attitude we thought this the best time to share a little more of Pettyfer.
Bye bye NYC ✈️ - @hypit #ihatepacking! #mrserious #inmymindithinkilooklikeconnormcgregger #iwish A photo posted by Alex Pettyfer (@alexpettyfer) on

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A photo posted by Alex Pettyfer (@alexpettyfer) on

Ready for the weekend ! - @hedislimane #Iwas17here #timeflys A photo posted by Alex Pettyfer (@alexpettyfer) on
Now, that's nice. tumblr_mipd8baN3s1rx4sn7o1_r1_500 Whatever the movie is, we hope Pettyfer continues showing off that hot bod. More stories: Is this the best coming out announcement of all time? Tom Daley documentary set to offer an ‘intimate’ insight into life and relationship with Dustin Lance Black