Alexander Skarsgard explained why he was in drag earlier this week

Thanks to Buzzfeed, we now have the deets on why Hollywood hottie Alexander Skarsgard, 38, stepped out in full drag at the premiere of his new film The Diary of a Teenage Girl. https://twitter.com/ZehraTG/status/628560124999823361/ The actor revealed that the film crew included a few drag queens: Cousin Wonderlette was first assistant director, while Lady Bear was casting director for extras. Skarsgard also co-stars with Joshua Grannell, AKA Peaches Christ. When director Marielle Heller decided to have the screening at the Castro theatre and cap it off with a drag after-party, Skarsgard “didn’t want to be excluded from the fun”. He said, “I asked if there was any way I could come in drag, and they were nice enough to say yes.” Skarsgard also told Buzzfeed his inspiration for his costume (Farrah Fawcett, of course) and his drag name. You need to be sitting down for this one: it’s Lady Libido Lushbody. He’s also learned a thing or two about the drag community, including the whole business about mothers and daughters. He said, “Mercedez Munro was the drag queen who did all my makeup, and at the after-party the drag queens came up and said, ‘Oh, have you met my mother, have you met my daughter?’ The drag queens said that while introducing people. I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but then Mercedez told me, ‘I am now your mother.’ Because whoever does your drag makeup the first time becomes your mother. So I now have a drag queen mother.” Oh, Skarsgard, you hot piece of lushbody. Thank you for making our week.