Alexander Skarsgård strips off for Legend of Tarzan trailer

The first trailer for The Legend of Tarzan shows the live action adaptation of the classic Disney tale to be a fairly frightening affair, with murderous primates and even more murderous colonialists. Lucky for us, it also features quite a lot of Alexander Skarsgård in a loin cloth. The film tells the story of how Tarzan's parents perished in the Congo jungle, leaving him at the mercy of apes, who take him to their bosom and raise him as one of their own; thus making a fearless, muscular warrior of the boy. And by the looks of it, they did a good job. TARZAN The rest of the film then concerns Tarzan being sent back from civilised life in Victorian London to exploit the Congo he grew up in, and his battles against this. Margot Robbie stars as his iconic love interest Jane. The film also stars Bond villain Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson. The Legend of Tarzan hits cinemas on July 8. More stories Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgård: His hottest ever moments In pics: The Carver twins break a sweat for hot new Crush shoot