Almost 60,000 sign petition to save 'Looking' from cancellation

Tens of thousands of fans have signed a petition to save Looking from cancellation. After struggling in the ratings during its latest season, HBO announced that the gay-themed drama had been cancelled last month. Looking However, in order to appease fans of the show, the US cable network revealed that a spin-off film is being planned to tie off any loose ends and give the characters the send off the deserve. Despite this, in the past two weeks almost 60,000 fans have signed a petition urging HBO to reverse their decision and hand the drama a third season order:
Looking is a breakthrough show that provided one of the most honest and refreshing portrayals of modern gay culture. Looking features story-lines and characters that depict the real emotional complexity of people living with HIV, and tackles tough issues like transgender homelessness. It truly is like nothing else on TV. To some fans of the show, it is the truest representation of themselves on TV; for others, it is a rare opportunity to see characters that remind them of their friends, loved ones and fellow community-members. HBO has a history of taking risks for the sake of artistic expression and producers around the world look to HBO as a trendsetter.
You can sign the petition here. Meanwhile, Looking star and Attitude columnist Daniel Franzese told attitude.co.uk exclusively that he is "walking away from the show a changed man" - find out more here.