Almost HALF of all UK trans people have experienced hate crime in the last year, according to new study

The study reveals the shocking extent of transphobia


Almost half of all transgender people in the UK have been victims of a hate crime, according to LGBT charity Stonewall. 

A new study by YouGov surveyed over 800 trans and non-binary people in the UK and revealed the shocking impact of transphobia. 

According to Stonewall, two in five trans people (41%) and three in ten non-binary people (31%) have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity in the last year. 

Two in five trans people (42%) haven't yet transitioned because they fear the consequences it may have on their family life. Along with this, a third (34%) have been discriminated against because of their gender identity and more than a quarter (28%) of trans people in a relationship have faced domestic abuse from a partner. 

Almost half of all trans people (48%) don't feel comfortable using public toilets over fear of discrimination or harassment and a quarter (25%) have experienced homelessness.

Entitled 'LGBT in Britain Trans Report', the study also revealed how some trans people avoid certain streets out of safety, how many were discriminated against when searching for a home and how a third of trans students in higher education experienced negative comments or behaviour from staff.

Chief Executive of Stonewall Ruth Hunt said: "This report exposes the devastating levels of discrimination and abuse that many trans people are subject to across all areas of their lives. 

"It's shameful that in Britain everyday activities like going to the café, having a peaceful day at work or accessing decent healthcare are made impossible for people simply because of who they are." 

Hunt then urged for the public to "stand up as allies" for trans people and bring an end to discrimination.