Alternative festive films to watch over Christmas

For those of you who want something with a little more edge


It's the time of year when romantic comedy films are literally shoved down our throats - and honestly, we've had enough. 

Christmas might be about festive joy, cuddling with your loved ones and drinks by the fire, but sometimes all those movies on TV can get a bit samey. 

So for those of you who want something a little more.... alternative, here's our list of Christmas-themed films with an edge you might enjoy instead: 

Black Christmas (2006)

From Final Destination director James Waan, Black Christmas brought together a staple cast of some of our favourite actresses - Buffy's Michelle Trachtenburg and 10 Cloverfield Lane's Mary Elizabeth Winstead to name just a few - and set a serial killer loose to off them one by one in the most gruesome way possible. 

With a witty script and plenty of cover your eyes moments, Black Christmas is a fun ride from start to finish. You'll never hear Dance of the Sugar Plum Faries in the same way again. 

P2 (2007)

A female-driven survival thriller, P2 sees an over-worked 20-something office worker Angela trapped in her work's parking lot and taken hostage by a psychotic security guard on Christmas Eve. With an incredible performance by American Beauty's Wes Bentley as the obsessed stalker hell-bent on spending Christmas with his crush, Angela must fight to escape her captive by any means necessary. 

It's not for the faint-hearted, let's just say that. 

Krampus (2015)

If you want something a little more family-orientated, then Krampus is the film for you. When a little boy loses his Christmas spirit, a mythical creature hell-bent on murdering him and his family comes to town and a full-blown war for survival ensues. Okay, so when we said family-orientated, we meant in the loose sense. 

While She Was Out 

An abused suburban housewife, played by Oscar-winner Kim Basinger, is forced to fend for herself when she becomes stranded in a desolate forest with four murderous thugs.