'American Horror Story' creator Ryan Murphy reveals how all the seasons are connected

Since American Horror Story began in 2011, we've been wondering whether each individual is part of something bigger. Over the years, we've been given glimpses of how the seasons are connected. Characters from previous seasons have made appearances (Pepper in Asylum and Freak Show; Lana Winters in Asylum and Roanoke) and plots have been foreshadowed years before they appeared onscreen (the Roanoke tribe was first alluded to during Murder House). Well, it looks like we were right to suspect that there was some master plan at work, as series creator Ryan Murphy appears to have revealed that each of the seasons is part of a larger plan. Murphy has been revealing plenty of secrets about the latest season of American Horror Story, subtitled Cult, on his Instagram account, and his latest update suggests that all seven seasons (and the already confirmed eighth and ninth) have one thing in common: hell.


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The list Murphy posted with the caption 'Interesting' lists the nine levels of hell explored in Dante's Inferno, and links each with a season of the show. Murder House is Limbo, Asylum is Fraud, Coven is Treachery, Freak Show is Greed, Hotel is Gluttony, Roanoke is Anger, and the upcoming Cult is Heresy. If Murphy's plan comes to fruition, the next two seasons will explore Lust and Violence. That's certainly something to look forward to ... Last week, the first promo for Cult emerged, and it's certainly not a disappointment in the creepiness stakes ... More stories: Why gay men are still suckers for ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ 20 years later Gay football team help kick homophobia out the game in new BBC documentary