'American Horror Story: Cult' opening credits features Donald Trump mask, dead animals


We've got less than a month until the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult, and we've been treated to a glimpse of the new season's opening credits. Yesterday, as promised, series creator Ryan Murphy dropped the opening titles for the new season - and they are as creepy as we have come to expect. The clip features a fairground theme, with a carousel and clowns. However, this is intercut with darker imagery featuring bees, blood, and dead animals. One particularly horrifying clip shows a magician pulling a skinned rabbit out of a hat. Dead animals aren't the scariest part of the titles, however, as Donald Trump also appears. Well, someone in a Donald Trump mask that is. There's also a Hillary Clinton impersonator, suggesting that last year's election will be part of Cult's plot. When the seventh season was first announced, Murphy suggested that it was going to focus the 2016 presidential election, but later said that the connection would be more of a jumping off point for the action of the season. However, it seems like Trump and Clinton may feature more heavily than we first thought, as the clip also features a bloody American flag. As ever, not much is actually known about the plot of the season, other than it being related to a cult in some way. The main cast comprises of Sarah Paulson & Evan Peters (the only actors who have appeared in every season of the show so far), as well as Cheyenne Jackson and newcomers Billie Lourd and Alison Pill. Other stars slated to appear in the 11-episode season include Lena Dunham, Billy Eichner, Colton Haynes, and Emma Roberts. Earlier this month Murphy also dropped a hint about how each of American Horror Story's seasons are connected, sending fans into a frenzy. Watch the clip below: American Horror Story: Cult begins September 5 on FX in the US. No word on a UK airdate yet.