Anthony Rapp bombarded with hateful messages from House of Cards fans

Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp has revealed he’s received a torrent of abuse from House of Cards fans after coming forward with an allegation against Kevin Spacey. The US hit show has been halted since Spacey's departure from Netflix after he was accused of making a sexual advance against Anthony Rapp in the 1980s when the actor was just 14 years-old. In a series of tweets made earlier this week, Rapp thanked fans for their support and solidarity since coming forward but revealed he had also been hit with a wave of hateful messages and criticism from House of Cards fans. He wrote: “Thank you to all of you who have been expressing support and solidarity. Your kindness is felt and much appreciated. And I have experienced such support far more than I have experienced negativity.” The actor said the angry messages he's received just ”boggle” his mind as many of them blame Rapp for destroying Kevin Spacey’s career and for potentially causing the House of Cards production team to lose their jobs. Other messages called Rapp an attention seeker, drama queen and opportunist. He wrote on Twitter: “I’ve been doing a fair amount of reporting and muting of folks, but if you’re interested, take a look through the replies to my tweets on 10/30/17 to see for yourself what some folks say.” The actor then began to share screenshots of some of the hateful messages he’s received and tweeted: “Here are some of the comments on Instagram. I’ve decided I want to share some of them because these people need to be outed for their harassment.” The screenshotted message from Instagram read: “I hate you son of a b*tch! I hope your career will be finished soon!! You’re only seeking for attention, cause your career its a big sh*t!!” One Twitter user wrote: “Even if your story is real, that ‘sexual advance’ was too little to want you to f*ck Kevin’s career, besides he was drunk. He never put his dick in your ass. You’re an opportunist and possibly playing the victim.” Another user wrote that Rapp should have waited one more season before opening up about the sexual allegation, they wrote: “I think the Spacey story could have waited one season for us fans. How would you like if Star Trek gets ruined because someone there was a perv 30 years ago?” Another Twitter user wrote: “No sympathy here. You demolished a very talented man’s career over an incident for which you do not have a shred of evidence that it took place; just your word. Furthermore it happened over 30 years ago and he didn’t break any laws! Pathetic.” One person accused Rapp of acting like a ‘Lolito’: “What the hell were you doing waiting in his room until everyone left?? What’s wrong w/folk? At that age sex is new and unattainable… you wanted something or you’d have left… you were just scared + didn’t understand homo feelings #Lolito.” Netflix previously confirmed that House of Cards will end after its sixth season. Since Rapp’s original allegation, dozens more men have come forward claiming they were also victims of sexual harassment or assault by Spacey, including eight crew members on House of Cards. More stories: The secret world of cottaging explored in new photography exhibition Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to meet people living with HIV in first public engagement as a couple