Anti-gay pastor Gaylard Williams arrested after squeezing man's genitals

gaylardA US pastor who leads a church which preaches against homosexuality has been arrested for sexually harassing a man at a lake. The victim alleges that 59-year-old Gaylard Williams - who leads The Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, Indiana - approached him in his parked car, before grabbing and sqeezeing his genitals and asking him to perform oral sex. After telling the pastor he was "barking up the wrong tree", the victim called police, who later found pornography in his vehicle. The pastor has denied the allegations, telling police in a separate statement that he was at the lake to look for a friend who fishes there, and that he was taking the pornography back to someone else. The pastor has been released on bail and is due to go back to court in February. Watch the news report of the incident below: More stories: 1D reach out to gay fans, reveal man crushes 'Fault in Our Stars' actor: 'If I was gay I wouldn't hide it'