Antoni Porowski's pipe dream was never to open a restaurant

The 'Queer Eye' resident foodie compared his home cooking background to restaurateurs Lisle Richards and Eric Marx


Antoni Porowski never wanted to open his own restaurant.

The Queer Eye resident foodie announced in June that he would be opening his own restaurant in New York – a month after revealing he has a cookbook coming out – but while speaking to Eater magazine, Porowski said it was never his “pipe dream” to have a restaurant.

He said: “The truth is that it has not been my pipe dream to have a restaurant.

“I know restaurateurs and the amount of work that goes into a restaurant is nothing short of insanity.

“It’s a real commitment and most restaurants don’t make it, so the odds are really against you.”

The chef also went on to compare how he came from home cooking unlike restaurateurs Lisle Richards and Eric Marx.

The former Attitude cover star continued: “What’s great about [Eric and Lisle] is that they have such a strong background in running restaurants.

“They know what operations are like, whereas with me, I just came in for menu development, and I came in as a home cook.

“So there’s been a lot of guidance along the way with editing and making it more concise and restaurant-friendly.”